(Born ????-Scotland) A member of THE BOARD~!

Anchor is a legendary poster on THE BOARD~! With his vast knowledge of WWE and UFC, he is able to scoop the Mexican on many occasions. Some believe this scooping has caused said Mexican to get his worshipers to harass Anchor so much he'll quit the site. Fat fucking chance dipshits! His shoutouts shall live forever in infamy.

Having risen above the harassment, Anchor has grown into a legend on the board, where his mere starting of a thread will cause everyone on the board to stop what they're doing to post comments of self-deluded hate. The more rational, schooled posters have respect for Anchor and recognize his greatness.

Anchor is a proud subscriber of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter published by Dave Meltzer, Anchor believes this is of high value, where Bryan's Newsletter is WORTHLESS.

He is known to make the board great at points when there is dull discussion e.g When Bryan Alvarez rants at some moronic postings, anchor appears in the thread and adds a post of greatness, Bryan feels better.

Anchor is one of the more famous members of The F4W board, having his name dropped on 22 B&V shows, 4 Buddy Wayne shows, 1 RD Reynolds, 1 Five Star Radio Show, 1 Wrestling Weekly, 1 Dr. Keith show and is believed to be Granny's favorite member.

Recently Ed in San Antonio, Made a Anchor World Order sign for the a limo driver to hold whilst picking up Bryan/Vinny from Las Vegas Airport.

On June 29, 2007 Anchor announced an event will take place that will change the face of F4W Empire FOREVER~! on July 20. This caused much speculation within the F4W community. Which was believed to be something related to SCOOPZ~!. However, turns out the "big SCOOPZ news' was Anchor changing his name to ACE~!, which actually happened 3 days early. This lasted about a week, before Anchor changed his name back to 'Anchor.'

Interesting FactsEdit

  • His favourite UFC fighter is Rich Franklin
  • Has had almost 2 hours worth of shoutouts over since May 2006
  • Is one of Vinny's biggest haters, although likes his laugh.
  • Winner of the TUF6 & TUF8 F4W Pool
  • Has attended UFC 80, UFC 85 and UFC 95
  • Often provides Play by Play for live WWE Pay Per Views. This ended in June 2008 when and F4WOnline merged, therefore Dave Meltzer will be doing Play by Play.
  • Listen Fuckhead. Has broadcasted over 300 episodes of Smackdown! under his alter ego "Michael Cole."