Seriously now, how come nobody's created a page for good ol' BW?

The Road Will Own You!

BW is also known to like his drugs.

Buddy likes to pay when people go out to eat, especially at Red Robin. Buddy also has a really unhealthy obsession with Corey Hart. We've been meaning to talk to him about that.

Buddy's main (and some say only) advice to young trainees looking to make a name for themselves in the business is "Y'know...fuckin', listen, y'know? And tan, and get on the gas, y'know? Fuckin'...", thus further proving his indelible and indisputable wisdom.

People Buddy Wayne TrainedEdit


Like a total nutjob, jogged to his own back surgery.


  • "fuck"
  • "Y'know?"
  • "fucking.."
  • "Y'know what I mean?"
  • "fucker(s)"

Buddy QuotesEdit

  • "I busted my 5'6 ass for the last 21 fucking years. I made it thru both my knees being operated on, a broken collarbone and completely torn rotator cuff, 2 mother fucking blown discs which resulted in my last 3 vertabrae being held together with 2 plates and 6 screws. I have constant left hip/knee pain and I am tagged as "permanetely disabled" by our state. I have worked in 20 states and 7 provinces (back when "getting booked" meant you knew how to work), drove 1,500 miles a week in a ring truck for my first year, slept in my car, stole gas and dined and dashed. I've nailed EVERY rat, consumed EVERY substance, and cut my head with a fucking razor blade more times than the number of posters you've put up. I walked in a naive 17 year old boy, and sit today a bitter 38 year old mother fucker, and I wouldn't change a thing. I did it all because in the end, I wanted to say I gave it everything I had."
  • (Do you need any more? Seriously now.)