The longest lasting caller on WOL going back to the eYada days. Dave Meltzer's favorite caller who he will always put on before that loser nut bunnies. Ed constantly brings more to WOL in 5 mins then Bryan does in two hours. The WOL chat claims to hate ED but they are just jealous of his incredibly high intellect.


Chick MagNATE~!


The picture of health.


Ed, shown here, about to propose to random female pedestrian.

Interesting FactsEdit


Cries at night because the drunkcast is not an official show.

As of 2007, still a virgin and is very hard.

The latest B&V money mark, as he paid for their recent Vegas weekend hotel stay.

Pays to watch random strangers have sex with prostitutes.

Does drunken audio shoots on people from the Interweb.

Proposes marriage to $200/lapdance strippers.

Claims Dave Meltzer "Is livin' in my coattails."

Drinks 3X his massive body weight.

Gets great rimjobs from the girls at Scores.


A 'cult hero' of THE BOARD~! because of all this.

Is considered the foremost expert on Las Vagas by Super Chico.

Is smoking crack right now.

Moonlights as "Manu" on WWE Raw.

Is currently employed by UPS delivering paper or something.

Has horrible spelling and grammar.

Ends every sentence with a tilde-bang even if the sentence calls for a period or a question mark.

Got humbled by Bryan Alvarez in the semi-finals of the 2009 edition of the annual King of the Board tournament.

Is a drunk driver who should be ashamed of himself.

A popular grizzly bear in the gay community.