The Mexican's grandma. With The Mexican trying to stamp out everything that is pure and wonderful about professional wrestling, Granny keeps him in check. Too bad she has been banished from the radio shows, only to appear with the Dancing with the Stars recap.

Awesome lady.

Has once been romantically linked to Buddy Wayne.

Granny's favorite wrestler is Rob Van Dam, due to reminding Granny of her grandson. However, Granny has mentioned that while their styles are similar, RVD is a much better worker.

Has a deep hatred for Gary Mandilow, a horrible man from Dancing With the Stars.

Granny has a mysterious and (as yet) unexplained relationship with Linh.

Her favorite song is "Roll Out the Barrell", which may be the worst song in the history of the universe. Really. I've never heard a 2 minute song that felt like it was going on for about 5 hours.