We're going to improve the quality of our callers very soon.
- Dave Meltzer
A lot of people have debated for many years... what was James from Kentucky?
- Bryan Alvarez
They're just trying to encourage you, in their own rough, macho way, that they want you to get a little bit more of a life.
- Joanna Molloy

James from Kentucky was a regular caller to the Wrestling Observer Live (WOL) show on eYada, hosted by Dave Meltzer (formerly known as Dynamite Dave.) James' conversation with Bobby "The Brain" Heenan was labeled a "meeting of the minds."

The WOL cabal had it in for James from the beginning, and eventually decided to ban him from the program on the flimsy pretexts that, as Producer Al put it, "we've gotten more complaints about James from Kentucky and another caller, Alex from Puerto Rico, than I can imagine" and "I've got 50 people e-mailing me telling me you're horrible."

Al brokered a deal where James agreed never to call into WOL again, on the condition that Dave could never use the "Dynamite" Dave moniker EVER again. This is regarded as perhaps the best example of a "fair compromise" in history.

Click here to listen to an example of James in Kentucky.


  • "There's two Billy Grahams in this world that I love -- Reverend Billy Graham and Superstar Billy Graham"
  • "Does [Al] know Vince McMahon? Because I keep on calling his office, and he don't return the call or nothing."
  • "You tell Dave this means war, then."