The 3,560th leader of the Bullet Club.

After leaving WWE's developmental system like a little bitch due to Bill Demott making him wrestle naked or something, he took his crybaby ass to ROH where he accomplished nothing.

After years of mediocrity, he joined NJPW and eventually had two 6+ star matches with Japanese create-a-wrestler #426, which made him a better wrestler than guys like Shawn Michaels, Stone Cold, and Ric Flair according to Dave Meltzer.

"""""Shockingly""""" exposed Meltzer's star system as subjective bullshit after those match ratings.

His moves are named after anime and manga references, which makes him officially the worst thing ever.

Brings a broom with him to the ring that he sings into like a middle aged housekeeper.

Has a youtube show with the Young Bucks that makes Zack Ryder's old show look watchable by comparison.