Maria Maria Kanellis (born February 25, 1982) is a WWE Diva.

She once was the object of Bryan Alvarez's affections. That all changed on December 24, 2005, when someone on THE BOARD~! posted pictures of Maria at an Ohio Valley Wrestling holiday party with boyfriend CM Punk. This became known as the Christmas Eve Massacre.

Maria's "betrayal" earned hostility from Alvarez and his followers. Soon, the following domains showed up on the Internet: and These websites at one time pointed to Figure Four Weekly.

Maria's WWE character is to play a bubbleheaded announcer. The one exception came during the Trial of Eric Bischoff on RAW.

She has the largest imaginable eyes of any human being. Like, seriously, have you seen those things? The most beautiful woman on this planet.

Bryan's fury continued when Maria began to fuck the "Italian Stallion" Santino Marella. The man who claims he is like a frog on Monday Night Raw promised to make Maria pancakes the morning after however this has not been confirmed by Maria or CM Punk.

She is now confirmed dating a WWE camera man, at this point Chico is suicidal.

Maria Kanellis nude

Was released on February 26, 2010. HAPPY BIRTHDAY~!