Orlando Jordan's Time Machine is a storyline concept invented by Bryan Alvarez. It is considered by some to be Alvarez's finest idea to date.

Background Edit

In 2005, then-WWE wrestler Orlando Jordan famously lost the United States Heavyweight Championship to Chris Benoit in under thirty seconds at the Summerslam pay-per-view extravaganza. In following weeks on SmackDown!, Jordan would demand rematches so he could redeem himself and no longer be known as "the man who lost in less than thirty seconds".

The Time Machine Idea Edit

On an episode of the Bryan and Vinny Show, Bryan Alvarez questioned Jordan's logic. After all, he already had lost in less than thirty seconds. How could he possibly change the past? It is here where Alvarez put forth his idea for a storyline built around such a concept. In the story, Jordan demands yet another rematch with Benoit, only this time it will be a "Time Machine match". Jordan would have built a time machine of some sort (it's actual appearance would be hidden as part of the build to the match), and if Jordan were to defeat Benoit, the two would enter the machine and return to the fateful night to redo their original battle, so Jordan could have a chance to change history and no longer be the man who lost in less than thirty seconds. If Benoit were to win, then the two would not enter the machine and the past would remain unchanged.

Miscellany Edit

Another aspect of the story is the actual time machine itself and, more specifically, its appearance. Alvarez put forth the idea that the machine be shrouded in mystery - literally, as the machine would be at all WWE shows, but hidden under a shroud. This would create intrigue, as fans would feverishly discuss what the time machine could possibly look like. Alvarez himself suggested that it might look like a giant ring post; sidekick Vinny V suggested the classic Dr. Who/Bill & Ted phone booth; their friend Craig suggested a ring truck. It was also believed that fans would discuss the actual possibility of time travel, and the physics of it. Talk of flux capacitors and philosophical quandaries such as the famous "grandfather paradox" would hopefully abound. Alvarez also noted that, since it was highly unlikely that WWE would ever really use his idea, any and all indy wrestling groups were welcome to use it themselves. It is not currently known whether or not any group has taken him up on that offer.