A bunch of idiots.

THE BOARD~! is an Internet message board set up by Admin Nailz, a technical wizard so prodigious that he is unable to fix the clock on the computer. Marks go there in order to play out their gimmicks and get over by trolling, in the guise of posting about things like polls and wrestling feuds. Exceptional board posts are hailed as geniuses in shoutouts. The best thread ever is the Jailbait thread.

Board Incentives Edit

Being a member of the board offers many incentives the best of which is what is known as "board titles". Upon joining the empire, members have a post count of zero thus their board title is "Indy Jobber". When they make ten posts (the quality of posts are not monitored) they achieve a new status of "Indy Worker". This process continues until at 5000 posts the board member gets the prestigous title of "1989 NWA Champion". The complete list of titles along with post counts needed to gain them are as follows:

  • 0-10 - Indy Jobber
  • 11-50 - Indy Worker
  • 51-100 - Jobbing to Vinny V
  • 101-150 - Jobbing to Chico
  • 151-200 - Jobbing to Buddy
  • 201-250 - Working at Applebees
  • 251-300 - Derby City Baby~!
  • 301-400 - OVW Goof Class
  • 401-600 - OVW TV
  • 601-1000 - ECW Champion
  • 1001-1500 - WWE Jobber
  • 1501-2000 - Jobbing to Hunter
  • 2001-2500 - US Champion
  • 2501-3500 - On the Gas
  • 3501-4500 - WWE (Raw) Champion
  • 4500-4999 - WWE Champion with custom spinning belt
  • 5000-7499 - 1989 NWA Champion
  • 7500-9999 - Beat Frank A. Gotch
  • 10000+ - Gay for spending too much time on the board.

The moderated forums Edit

The moderated forums were instated in the midst of the Wrestling Observer-Figure Four Weekly merger. The thing that sets apart this forum from any other forum on the board is the fact that it is moderated by the likes of anchor and Dan. After a few weeks of hard-moderating they stopped to moderate and tried to be part of the cool people again. In hindsight the moderated forums can be considered a failure. People who go in this area are Marks and stupid and also masturbate a lot.

King of the Board Edit

Every year the members of the board elect the king of the board. The currently reigning king ot the board is Bryan Alvarez. The winner of the first two KOTB tournaments was jimmylazers. In the 2009 KOTB, jimmylazers was eliminated in the 3rd round. The contestants competing in the finals of the tournament are the happy go lucky puroresu lovin' fool Alan4L against the founder of F4W Bryan Alvarez.